Nebraskcoons is a responsible breeder of Maine Coon Cats based in Northeast Nebraska. We produce quality Maine Coons including Polydactyl kittens. Breeding Poly pawed Maine Coon Cats is our focus as we want to help bring back this natural trait.  Nebraskcoons is a registered cattery with TICA, CFA, ACFA, and TCA.  We show cats in TICA and ACFA. 


New and Upcoming Litters





New litters:

Nebraskcoons Winnie Pooh x Prairiebaby Herbie

Nebraskcoons Cleopawtra x Alliance Winner.  Poly litter 

Nebraskcoons Ukie Layla x Nebraskcoons Benny Gee.  Poly litter 


Planned breedings:

Pepperminta x Winner

Nebraskcoons Jazzy Mae x Nebraskcoons Nikolai.  poly litter





WAITING LIST (deposits made)

1.  Mike D. -- Black Smoke.  Male. poly.  Reserved Marty

2.  Cathy W. -- Male.  Blue or Silver

3.  Justin G. -- male poly kitten

4. Misty L  

5.  Kim K for 2 kittens. Reserved Jordy and Keeli

6.  Christine H.-- Male poly.  Reserved Millie

7.   Nataliia D. -- Male.  red silver or silver.  Reserved Mortie

8.   Patrick F. -- poly Male.  smoke

9.  Chad L. — male.  Black smoke

10. Joanna N.  Reserved Lizzie

11. Amy C. — reserved kittens

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