Litter F-2.  Date of Birth 3/30/20

Mother:  Pepperminta P from Tassel Magic

Father:  Ascent Gavriil of Nebraskcoons

ALL KITTENS ON HOLD. Pending waiting list selections and Breed/show evaluations

Pepperminta P from Tassel Magic "Pepper". Silver Torbie. polydactyl

QCH Ascent Gavriil of Nebraskcoons "Gavriil". Cream Silver Ticked Tabby

Litter F-2


QCH RW Ascent Gavriil of Nebraskcoons


Cream Silver Ticked Tabby / Cream Cameo Tabby

Ascent Hammer


MCO ns 25, 6/1/16

CH Mainelynx Yurek

MCO as 25, 4/2/15, RU/RU

CH Bloomingtree Sherlock Holmes

MCO n, 1/17/12, DE/-

Mainelynx Callie

MCO as 09 22, 5/19/13, RU/-

Ascent Konfetka

MCO ns 22, 1/30/15

CH Mainelynx Ulmar

MCO as 22, 1/12/13, RU/-

Ascent Betsi

MCO n 22, 1/3/14

Indira Krasnyi Dar


MCO es 11

CH Wabun Qualification Approved

MCO ds 23, 2/24/13, DE/RU

Summerplace Atilla

MCO ds 23, 5/29/10

Alwaro Raphsody

MCO f 22, 1/9/08, PL/IT

CH Ginger Long Meadow

MCO d 22, RU/RU

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